A Dream

Last Sunday I really had a weird and bad dream.

I think I was in Israel or something browsing in some of the sports clothing stores in the city centre. Suddenly, there was an explosion. It was another suicide bombing as I was told in my dream. The people in the stiore including me were panicking. We could not leave the store from the main door because the military or police may arrest us. I and a few other people were directed to leave the store through the back door.

I did not know how long we walked but it seemed that after I left the store I was in a house of some sort. I’m not sure who owns it but I was there. Inside the house was this old man (who looked like Peter O’toole) who was in the corner of the lounge who seemed to be not bothered by the recent event. There was this other long blonde haired lady who was in a sort of recliner covered in a blanket.

A few moments passed and there was another commotion from people outside the house. They say there will be another suicide bombing. There were two other people in the house who were looking outside from the main door. I said to them that I am not watching it and then BOOM and an abrupt dimming of the light from the outside. This time I began to cry. I think I said, “I can’t stand this any longer, I am leaving.” I went to the old guy and he did not care to look at me. The other lady in the recliner was sort of in a state of shock and her eyes were sparkling from the tears.

I think I left the house.

Then, someone called the old guy in the house. It was a Chinese military commander. The old guy informed them that the demonstrators and those against the Chinese have a meeting at a sort of a base in a cave. He said the not only the peasants are joining but the intellectuals and the businessmen are joining. The commander said that the demonstrators will not have a chance because the cave installation is actually a fortress and only one exit. When the people are inside the cave the military will close the exits and will apprehend and even punish (the most brutal meaning of the word) them and no one will escape. The old guy was in fact an informant–a spy.

Good thing I remembered this dream. Good thing I had a tape recorder with me.

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