On the Australian Facing Death Penalty in Singapore

I received a comment on my post regarding this Australian national facing the death penalty in Singapore due to trafficking 400 grams of heroin. He or she said that my comments were heartless and that it was just based on 500 words of news.

News Items Relating to the Issue:
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My response:

My comment was based on many news reports including those on broadcast media (ie talk back radio, radio news and television news). If the news reports were biased or in favour or against the convicted man that is not my problem.

I do have a fair share of financial problems but it did not push me to do criminal offences. Would it be right if all the criminals who were “forced” by financial problems be pardoned?

I know that my comment is heartless but unfortunately that is the law of Singapore. I understand that Singapore is a developed democracy that gives a fair trial to all the accused under their laws. This person has been given the resources and time to defend his case. In fact his case has been decided by the city state’s High Court. Like what they say, “the law may be harsh but that is the law.” This is at least my view and I am entitled to my own opinion.

On the other hand this man is the one paying for the crimes of the drugs supplier.

Coming from a country with a terrible drug problem I know how bad the problem is. Using a “gentle hands,” “toucht feely” approach to solve the drug problem would never solve it. I still say the toughest punishment be given to all drug lords and traffickers!

I find it ironic and double standard while Australia accepted the death sentences for the Bali Bombers they are saving their nationals from facing almost the same fate in Singapore. A related article: PM weakens case for life: Democrats

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