Why People are Against Organised Religion I have …

Why People are Against Organised Religion

I have seen many blogs and heard many opinions about organised religion. Some people claim that religion is used to influence people in the wrong way. People believe that Christian or Islamic belief systems are old fashioned and cause maldevelopment. And they believe that they are the thinking people, better than those who believe in organised faith.

Why are they like this? I guess these people did not think enough. These people are blindly blaming the “big people” whenever something goes wrong and they cannot explain it correctly. It is like blaming everything to the big guy or God.

One’s religion is not a reason for his or her fortune or misfortune. There are other underlying factors that would be a reason for development. It can be one’s culture or personality.

I have heard one comparison saying that Protestant work ethic is better than Catholic work ethic. The same person said that this is probably the reason why Catholic nations are poorer than Protestant ones. He may be right but how can he explain the economic success of Catholic France and Italy? Paradox?

Take the issue of population control and contracepcion, “Progressives” blame the Catholic Church for high birth rates in Catholic nations (say the Philippines or Brasil) because the Church did not allow condoms, pills and abortion. How can this explain the high population growth in non-Christian Asia? My friend’s lecturer had a different point of view. He said in tropical Asia a farming family needs to have many kids to help in the farm and that children were a couple’s greatest riches. You simply cannot erase centuries of culture in the name of Western progress.

This are just my points of view.

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