Clemency bid for Australian facing death penalty. …

Clemency bid for Australian facing death penalty. 20/03/2004. ABC News Online

The issue:
There is this Australian national of Thai decent. He is facing the death penalty after his conviction for trafficking 400 grams of heroine. The Australian government has filed an appeal to lower or seek clemency for their citizen.

My comment:
This person is obviously guilty for this crime. Everyone who visits Singapore (or other Asian nations) knows that drugtrafficking is punishable by death so why must he be given clemency for such a crime. This guy broke the law of Singapore and must pay for it. His punishment will serve a lesson that no one is above or beyond the law. He is nothing but an embarrassment to Australia.

Does he realise the gravity of his crime? He is trafficking drugs that would destroy the lives of those who use it. How about the families of the drug users who are being torn apart by this evil addiction? Shame on him and his kind!

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