The Scotsman – International – Ex-nurse on trial f…

The Scotsman – International – Ex-nurse on trial for trying to kill sick mother

Some points:

-Is not this another sickening story of how dumb and stupid some people can be? This is a twisted view of personal freedom.

-How do we accept these kinds of killings? In the poor regions of this planet people would do anything just to reach 60!

-Does this mean that ageing and the disabled (who seem to be burdens to society and the welfare system) could be terminated just because they are useless?

-It is just horrible that the system of families is now obsolete in some rich societies.

-It is just contradictory for some developed nations to abolish the death penalty but allow abortion and euthanasia.

-What if a person is suffering clinical depression? Would the state just give this person a rope to tie himself or offer support to manage an illness?

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