Crying Ladies It the story of three women who b…

Crying Ladies

It the story of three women who became paid mourners for a Chinese funeral. The main characters are Stella, an ex-convict; Doray, a former movie extra; Choleng, a volunteer and collector for a local charity; and Wilson the eldest son of the dead man and the one arranging the funeral.

These three ladies met as Stella was asked by Wilson to mourn for his dead father. Stella needed two other companions for this “gig” so she recruited the two other ladies.

The movie although centered around the funeral it tells the stories and struggles of the characters. Stella who was making ends meet and desperately searching for a stable jobe. She was about to lose her only son to her husband who is moving permanently to another city. Doray is trying to regain her former glory as “Rhoda Rivera” the “star” who tripped while the giants in “Darna and the Giants” destroyed their village. Choleng struggles to end her affair with the husband of her friend. Wilson wondering if loving her dad is worth it while his dad destroyed their family.

In the end they all had happy endings except for Stella who was not able to keep her son.

The movie is an original idea coming from a great mind. Who would have thought that a funeral would be a delightful journey?

TERM Rating: M – Memorable

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