Offensive Brand I was looking for some new fragra…

Offensive Brand

I was looking for some new fragrances and I’ve found out the local department store that they’ll be selling FCUK® fragrances soon. (FCUK® is French Connection United Kingdom)

I searched for the website of this brand. I’ve found out this is an product from the French Connection Group plc in Britain. In the website it said there that it has different essences a different set for top, middle and bottom. I don’t quite understand that. I think I have to wait until product launches here.

The following day I again looked for more information regarding this product. I have found out that there are a group of people who are against this brand.

According to a Christian group this brand is immoral. They say that the brand FCUK® is misleading and was meant to mean the word when C and U change places. (You know what I mean…) They say that one’s brain is tricked to mean the other word. They also say the the tag line ‘scent to bed’ and that the marketing of this product to the youth is very immoral. This group and other like minded organizations are calling for a boycott for this product.

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(The FCUK® brand is the property of its respective owner/s.)

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