In Other Stories Two presidents visited Australia…

In Other Stories

Two presidents visited Australia and addressed their parliament recently. The first visitor was George W. Bush of the United States and Hu Jin Tao of China.

While Mr. Bush was giving a speach to the Australian Senate two senators heckled against him. The speaker reprimanded the senators and asked him and his coleague to step out of the chamber. Bush said he likes free speach. While Bush was leaving the chamber MPs of the ruling party formed a human barrier to ‘protect’ him. This barrier was made to prevent the heckling senator to hand out a letter from the wife of an Australian held by American forces who is believed to be a terrorist.

The following day it was Mr. Hu’s turn to address the parliament. Before the Chinese leader entered the chamber the Chinese and Tibetan dissidents who were guests in the gallery were expelled from the hall.

Sources and full information available at: Nine Network Australia’s Sunday and Australia’s Hu’s Hu

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