Lost!!! Well not really lost… Today it was hot…


Well not really lost…

Today it was hot.

While I was walking to the bus stop I saw the bus that I thought would go to the Westfield mall. I rode it and bought a day pass. After a while I realised that the bus went to a different road. I was actually going to the bay or the beach.

I am so silly. I was not thinking of what I was doing when I rode the bus.

I went down almost a section away from the last destination and I landed at the beach.

There were many people at the shore today. There were kids, more kids, teens, families, couples, etc. Wow, these people are doing some serious sun worshipping.

I did not walk around that location. I just waited for the next bus going back to the city. That was after 20 minutes.

Oh well everyone needs an unexpected detour.

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