At lunch time I went downtown to eat. As usual th…

At lunch time I went downtown to eat. As usual the options were either Subway or Burger King. Before I rode the escalator to go down I saw a Japanese fastfood outlet selling sushi, bento, tempura, etc. I thought it was too light and not value for money so I went down.

The queue at Subway was full and since it was just a small place by the time I paid for my food there’s no place for me to sit. I moved along and went to Burger King on two buildings away.

At Burger King the queues was even longer. There were six counters and all had at least four people in line. I ordered a Whopper Jr and a sundae. Tradegy struck, my sundae fell to the floor. I was so embarassed. It was the second time I spilled or dropped something at this particular branch.

The first time I spilled my cola I did not go back for two weeks at that outlet. Aside from the spillage the sundae always touches my jacket. No wonder why sometimes the right sleve of my jacket is sticky weeks ago.

Fortunately, a friend of my cousin, who later became my friend was there eating so I joined him. We have not been in touch for about two months since we last bumped into each other at the bus.

I told him my sad story at Burger King and empathised with me.

Who unlucky can you get at times?

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