On Saturday I woke-up at 1400! I cannot believe it…

On Saturday I woke-up at 1400! I cannot believe it. It was my latest time to wake-up ever! I guess its fair enough when you slept at about 0330.

After getting up from bed I immediately went to the kitchen and started to cook. I had to cook because the Scotch fillet cut pork needs to be cooked. I has been thawing in the chiller of the refridgerator for about 36 hours and is completely thawed. If I leave it there longer it will just start to rot.

What I had in mind to cook was Adobo, the so called national dish. There was a problem the meat is not diced. I thought of just coating it with thick black soya sauce and frying it but I was aiming for Adobo. It was three pieces of roughly 5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches in size. I cut the meat into ‘cubes’ for lack of a better term.

I usually cook Adobo by cooking the meat with the vinegar, garlic, spices and others altogether and fry the meat afterwards. This time I fried the meat first. When the meat was cooked I added less than 0.5 cup of vinegar and a some soya sauce to make it brown a bit. I added the crushed cloves of garlic, pepper, bay leaves and sugar after.

This experiment turned out to be a great success. It was better than my previous method. I do not have to use two pans. Yummy and it was tasty.

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