Offensive Brand I was looking for some new fragra…

Offensive Brand

I was looking for some new fragrances and I’ve found out the local department store that they’ll be selling FCUK® fragrances soon. (FCUK® is French Connection United Kingdom)

I searched for the website of this brand. I’ve found out this is an product from the French Connection Group plc in Britain. In the website it said there that it has different essences a different set for top, middle and bottom. I don’t quite understand that. I think I have to wait until product launches here.

The following day I again looked for more information regarding this product. I have found out that there are a group of people who are against this brand.

According to a Christian group this brand is immoral. They say that the brand FCUK® is misleading and was meant to mean the word when C and U change places. (You know what I mean…) They say that one’s brain is tricked to mean the other word. They also say the the tag line ‘scent to bed’ and that the marketing of this product to the youth is very immoral. This group and other like minded organizations are calling for a boycott for this product.

For more on this visit:
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New York stores ban FCUK
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Target store chain void of common decency

(The FCUK® brand is the property of its respective owner/s.)

Intolerable Cruelty ‘No pre-nup! your exposed!’ …

Intolerable Cruelty

‘No pre-nup! your exposed!’

I’ve seen this movie last Saturday. It stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and George Clooney.

It is a story of a renowned divorce lawyer who eventually fell in love with a woman who marries and divorces to get rich.

I think the characters were shallow and needed more development.

Its an E = entertaining.

In Other Stories Two presidents visited Australia…

In Other Stories

Two presidents visited Australia and addressed their parliament recently. The first visitor was George W. Bush of the United States and Hu Jin Tao of China.

While Mr. Bush was giving a speach to the Australian Senate two senators heckled against him. The speaker reprimanded the senators and asked him and his coleague to step out of the chamber. Bush said he likes free speach. While Bush was leaving the chamber MPs of the ruling party formed a human barrier to ‘protect’ him. This barrier was made to prevent the heckling senator to hand out a letter from the wife of an Australian held by American forces who is believed to be a terrorist.

The following day it was Mr. Hu’s turn to address the parliament. Before the Chinese leader entered the chamber the Chinese and Tibetan dissidents who were guests in the gallery were expelled from the hall.

Sources and full information available at: Nine Network Australia’s Sunday and Australia’s Hu’s Hu

About two or three Fridays ago I tried to watch th…

About two or three Fridays ago I tried to watch the Rugby World Cup inaugural on television being hosted by Australia. This is a definitely a good visual spectacular after all what is an inaugural for?

I tried to watch the game it was Australia against Argentina. I lasted from the anthems until after the game has started. I really do not get this game. I know that the objective is to get the football to the other side that is all. What happens next then? How do they get points?

I can’t understand why some people can be so crazy for such a game.

I still watch the telecasts but only until the national anthems.

I have just bought a second hand PDA from a local …

I have just bought a second hand PDA from a local auction site. I bought it to know what owning and having one was like. Owning having one is okay its not too fancy.

What I like the most is the ability to read e-books and offline web browsing. I have been reading a daily offline version of BBC News for almost a week now. Reading news this way is like reading the newspaper without paper. Since doing it I have read more news from the BBC site than ever before.

I have started to read e-books too. There is a lot of free sources of e-books available. These free sources are not pirated ones these are classics and other works whose copyright have expired. Free e-books are available at MemoWare and Pluckerbooks

Lost!!! Well not really lost… Today it was hot…


Well not really lost…

Today it was hot.

While I was walking to the bus stop I saw the bus that I thought would go to the Westfield mall. I rode it and bought a day pass. After a while I realised that the bus went to a different road. I was actually going to the bay or the beach.

I am so silly. I was not thinking of what I was doing when I rode the bus.

I went down almost a section away from the last destination and I landed at the beach.

There were many people at the shore today. There were kids, more kids, teens, families, couples, etc. Wow, these people are doing some serious sun worshipping.

I did not walk around that location. I just waited for the next bus going back to the city. That was after 20 minutes.

Oh well everyone needs an unexpected detour.

The Wonders of Friendster The wonders of modern t…

The Wonders of Friendster

The wonders of modern technology. This Friendster website is a way for you to ‘map’ your ‘connections.’ I just has eight friends and now I have more than 100,000 people in my ‘network.

I was surprised to find out that a former schoolmate have ‘conncections’ with my other friends who have not met.

Very interesting! It all relates to a book that a lecturer shared, ‘The Tipping Point’ where there are people who are hubs that connect other people to each other.