Racism at Boston Public Last night I saw an episo…

Racism at Boston Public

Last night I saw an episode of Boston Public.

It was about a new teacher discussing ‘Affirmative Action.’ She asked a student about it and he said that it was wrong and had first hand experience from it because his father was laid-off due to racial quotas. He uttered some racial slurs against the African-American students. A fist fight broke out.

The white student who started the fight was asked to bring his father to the principal’s office. The father was a bigot like his son. The teacher offered to tutor the student and hoped that she can change his attitude.

In the tutorial she said she understands the situation of the student. He was brought up in an environment of hatred against colored people and Jews. The kid became aggressive and said that what he believes is right and said that the U.S.A. now is being run buy ‘blacks’ and Jews. He physically threatened the teacher an was fortunately stopped by the principal. He was given two weeks suspension.

Later, the father of the student went to see the principal and demanded that his son be cleared of the charges and a removal of the incident in his records. The principal naturally rejected the petition. The father became angry and tried to wreck the office and assulted the principal. The principal pushed the father and slipped and his head banged on the desk.

The father went on a coma. The principal got arrested for manslaughter and could escalate into murder.

Boston Public always tells you shocking scenarios. I would not believe it if that would be true in high schools in the United States. What were the writers thinking?

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