Tesco plots to make even more dough I have tried …

Tesco plots to make even more dough

I have tried Tesco products once and they are okay. They are not the very best but not the worst that you can possibly get. Tesco packaging is also good and it gives you a feeling that their products are not dodgy.

Their cleaning products have a slogan, ‘cleans as good as the leading brand.’ This is probably true because these Tesco branded products are also made by the same manufacturers of the leading brand.

Who doesn’t love in-store brands? Most of them offer good value for money. I remember buying the in-store cooking oil of this supermarket and it works the same as the branded one.

Speaking of in-store brands I always buy the in-store brand toilet paper. Why spend so much on a ‘quilted,’ ‘printed,’ and/or ‘3-ply’ toilet paper if they are used for one purpose? They’re all the same! Even your toilet bowl and your septic tank would not know the difference.

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