Pain Later this afternoon I developed a stiff nec…


Later this afternoon I developed a stiff neck. The right part of my neck is in pain when I move it. The pain extends to the upper right part of my back. It is like needles penetrating your body.

Because of this unfortunate ailment I decided to go the the pharmacy to buy the pain killers. While I was walking to the bus depot I have decided to just go to the hospital. I figured out that since I have medical insurance my insurance company will gladly reimburse whatever the cost of the consultation and any prescription medicine that I require. I hopped to the bus that passes the hospital. It passed by the pharmacy that I go to and it was open. It was too late for me to go down on the last stop I stopped at the last stop. So from this moment my hospital plans are over.

I went to the pharmacy and asked for a menthol cream. The shop assistant did not know what I was talking about. I even said Bengay. She did not get it I cannot believe it Bengay is sold worldwide. Oh how terrible! (That is what I don’t want from shop assistants when they do not know what they are selling. I can do a better job than her and will be glad to replace her!!!) I went to the pharmacist and asked for a cream for muscle pain. He gave me this anti-inflamatory cream but it did not have menthol. I went to the shelve where he grabed the previous product and there was the menthol cream. Finally I got what I wanted. I also bought the Ibuprofen tablets.

I took two tablets of Ibuprofen at 9pm but it is still not working. I just wish when I wake up tomorrow morning I’ll be fine. According to the directions if I’m still in pain after three days I must visit the doctor.

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