Singles, Bananas & Supermarkets There is this tal…

Singles, Bananas & Supermarkets

There is this tale spreading in the city. This is about singles, bananas and supermarkets.

Evert Tuesdays singles they say shop at the supermarket. The way you place your bananas in your shopping basket or the trolley indicates your sexual orientation and “intentions.” If you put your bananas in this way you’re straight the other way you’re gay. Unfortunately if you’d like to know the correct placement I cannot help you. I do not know and care to know such as thing. Who ever found this activity must be nuts!

Just let me guess… If you point the banana tips to the left it it means your gay. If you point the tips to the left you are straight. If you put the tips up you are horny. If you put the tips down you are taken. If you ate the banana inside the supermarket you are looking for trouble (with the law).

I have not seen this thing in the supermarkets that I go to. I think I have not chosen to shop on a Tuesday yet. Still I have not heard gossips or stories of how people found their boy or girlfriends or even spouses.

I might move this blog to a new home or under a new name. Do not worry I will load everything that was written here. I will try some new blogging software.

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