Transportation Problem Last night before I slept …

Transportation Problem

Last night before I slept I read some letters to the editor. One letter caught my attention. This is about the changes in the bus system of the whole region. The writer claims that the fare to go to the university will rise 100% and 10-trip tickets will cease. The reason for the increase is that the varsity zone will me moved from the city center zone. Definitely I was shocked because my transport costs will rise.

I said to my self I will call the regional council and demand a clarification. If the fare increase is true I will write to the mayor, councilors, regional council and our MP and demand what the central zone include the university. I was drafting my letters to these important people in my mind as I was in my bed.

The minute I woke up and turned the electric blanket off I called the regional council right away. As usual I was passed to two people. How dumb it said in the leaflet to call this number for any questions. It turns out that this was the trunkline of the regional council. In the end the right person to answer my question was away and I left a message. Five minutes later he called me and explaind to me that the printed leaflets were confusing and that the university is part of the central zone. Whew, I was about to explode if my fear was true!

The fight is not yet over I will still write to the people to reinstate the 10-trip tickets for the central zone. And what gives me a right to do this? I pay taxes 12.5% for every thing that I buy anywhere! I get taxed for my term deposit and I contribute to the local economy!!!

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