As usual I did not win again in the latest lottery…

As usual I did not win again in the latest lottery draw for 19,000,000. Still no single person won the entire money. What the Lotteries Commission decided is that those who missed one number will win the jackpot. There were about 15 winners who shared the jackpot so they had about 1.2 million each.

I am happy for them. At least 15 people are now happy. If I know someone who won this much money I hope he can share the money to me. I have observed that most lotto winners from 250,000 come from remote and poor towns. Now I’m thinking that it is a redistribution of wealth in this country. Now if I could just fly back to the ground and wake-up. I would still continue to play the lottery but not as much because the jackpot is not that big anymore.

I was watching this documentary of Sister Wendy Beckett. She’s a nun that knows art. She’s now taking about art and artefact collections of a Los Angles museum. You know she is a comptemplative nun or monk. If she does not have any engagements she spends all her days in prayer and meditation.

I love the deli corner at the supermarket. You can buy slices of hams and other cold cuts. My favorite there are the chicken or turkey breast, ham shavings and roast beef. I only buy these things if they are on special. [On Special = discounted]

When I was in the supermarket I was hoping I can by a wine to drink. In the end I did not. What I was realy wanting to do is to buy two cans of this pre-mix vodka drink that I tried last week. It was so delicious that is why I like it. It is soft on the uninitiated palate and the alcohol effect on the body is subtle. One of these days I’ll drop by in one of the many liquor stores to buy this thing. Its really funny that I when I want to buy wine or alcohol I do not have my ID. When I have my ID I don’t buy.

When I was about to leave the supermarket I saw this old cleaning lady cleaning a corner of the store. I felt so sorry for her. She is about 60 or more years old. People her age should retire and be taken cared for by their families.

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