We can’t deny the fact that the United States is a…

We can’t deny the fact that the United States is a modern day empire. As witnessed by history all empires come can go. An empire can expand so much that too much expansion will bring it to its ultimate destruction or stagnation (to say the least).

Let us start with Rome. The Roman empire ruled throughout Europe and North Africa from pre-Christian era until say 1100 AD (sorry I don’t remember years quite well). It was under attack by the so-called “barbaric” Germanic tribes such as the Ostrogoths and Vandals. Towards its end it split and eventually other nation states were created such as France, Spain, England and so on. The world plunged to the middle ages. Italy was yet to be unified and it was still a land of many city states.

Then the Spanish empire rose to power. It was the first to go out of Europe and establish a vast empire and the New World and some Pacific islands and the Philippines and some parts of North Africa. After a few centuries of its backward management system and corrupt government its empire crumbled. Its territories was taken over by the English and eventually declared independence. Spain began to stagnate and Spain has become much poorer than three centuries ago compared to its “rivals” Britain and France.

Portugal, the power that colonized Brazil it also suffered the faith of Spain.

Britain, once great now just the side kick of the United States. It was once the master of half of the world’s lands now…you can supply the rest.

How long until the Washington Empire starts to crack? Or has its last few minutes has just started? But what now if this empire falls or stagnat? Who will take over? Who? It is still unclear.

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